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F1 Lithium Remote Controlled Golf Trolley

The F1 Lithium is the pinnacle of powered golf trolley design. Excellent performance on the golf course is combined with a folding mechanism that allows the chassis to be transported in even the smallest sports cars. Launched to critical acclaim in 2008, the F1 Lithium has won numerous design awards from both inside and outside the golf industry.



  • Fully remote control with forward, reverse, left and right functions
  • Choice of integrated golf bags which include a handle
  • Three part folding chassis
  • Integrated LCD screen 
  • 2 Year Warranty (1 Year for battery*)Technical Detail
  • Folded chassis size: 47cm (h), 66cm (w), 32cm (l)
  • Chassis Weight: 12.2
  • 36V Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • Battery Weight: 2.2kg 


F1 Lithium Electric Golf Trolley Design Concept

The key to achieving such an impressive product was subtly changing the purpose of the electric golf trolley from a vehicle that simply carried a golf bag, to a vehicle that carried golf clubs. The decision to integrate the supporting structure in to the golf bag meant that the chassis could be made to fold much smaller, whilst retaining the unfolded length and width required to maintain stability on the golf course.   During the development of the concept, the design team examined every area of the product and made improvements wherever possible. This process led to the development of a new 36 volt electronics system with integrated LCD screen and wireless connection system and new V3 Wheels with the quick release mechanism.

F1 Lithium Bag Options

There are 2 bag options available when purchasing a F1 Lithium. Both the Light and Classic bag are designed specifically for use with the F1 Lithium chassis. When lifted, the integrated handle locks the bag securely in place on to the F1 chassis. F1 Light Bag The standard bag supplied with the F1 Lithium is the F1 Light Bag, (displayed on the left of the image ). Complete with a 7 way divider and weighing just 5.6kg, the Light Bag is the smallest bag available for the F1.

F1 Classic Bag

The largest bag is the F1 Classic Bag, which has a 14 way divider and a choice of either Black, Red, Blue or Silver colours (displayed on the right of the image). There is an additional £50 cost for this option over the light bag

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