The Colourful World of Ziegler  

Corporate Customising

Ziegler Custom Designs can paint a trolley matching your company colours with your logo.

Free advertising every time it's used.

This could be for yourself, for your employees or even offered as a prize in a competitions or society day to make your golf day one to remember.


Here are some suggestions on how Ziegler can produce your own one off trolley.


Add your company name and logo


Golf Club Name & Logo

Football / Rugby / Sports team colours / logo’s

Golf society colours / logo’s

Add your National Flag

Car Brands

Rental Trolleys with the golf club name / logo


Take a look at some of the patterns we offer to inspire an idea click here 

If you don’t see what you are after, just email us and we can track down a suitable pattern for you.


As soon as we receive your order request and payment, we will immediately start work on your trolley. As with any customising process, the work is carried out specifically for you and therefore we aim to complete the project within a 4/6 week lead time. We will however aim to complete the work well within the timescale quoted.


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